Poly Lumber

Poly lumber is recycled plastic made to resemble wood. Old plastic bottles are used, such as milk and water bottles as well as bottles from liquid laundry detergent. The plastic chosen must have matching recycling symbols because they have the same polymer. Poly lumber is becoming popular as a furniture material because it comes in a multitude of colors, and it's resistant to rotting, cracking, splitting, mold and mildew.

Making Poly Lumber

The plastic containers are ground up to resemble small flakes, then they are mixed with the chosen color and ultra violet stabilizers, then it's all melted and molded into the desired shape. The UV stabilizers keep the end product from being damaged by the sun, and the color won't fade because it's mixed in with the material rather than painted on or applied afterwards.

Poly Lumber for Furniture

You can use poly lumber in place of regular lumber. This opens the door to a plethora of uses in the division of both indoor and outdoor furniture. Poly lumber furniture has a smooth feel just like some of the finest sanded and polished wood furniture, but it's even more low maintenance. You need only wipe it down occasionally with a non-abrasive cloth and mild soap.

Exact Molding

Since poly lumber can be molded into an exact shape, there is minimal waste, and it can be shaped into just the type of board, log or cut of wood that you desire or the exact pieces needed for constructing specific pieces of furniture. The end result is always an extremely strong and sturdy product. You can find all types of furniture made from this material, including dining table and chair sets and beds and night stands as well as patio and yard furniture. The furniture is created to look just like wood furniture.

Lifespan and Color Choices

This type of furniture has a longer lifespan than most wood furniture. Pieces often come with a 20 year warranty, so it can be a lot more affordable in the long run. There is almost no limit to the colors. There are rich colors from deep yellow to burgundy and royal blue to midnight black as well as natural wood colors. With some poly lumber workers having at least 16 colors of this lumber at their disposal, whether you want furniture that's a bright color or a deep and dark one, you are spoiled for choice.

Amish Crafted Furniture

Amish built poly lumber furniture is even more of a luxury because it incorporates hundreds of years of fine Amish wood craftsmanship, so what you get are stunning pieces of furniture that make you feel good about being involved in the recycling process and keeping the landfills free of plastic, which is one of the materials that takes the longest to biodegrade.

Imagine having furniture with that wholesome wooden look and feel without ever having to sand it or give it a stain or treatment. Think about having the freedom to leave your outdoor furniture in place all year round whether you live by the seaside or you endure heavy rains and snowy winters, and you will see why poly lumber furniture is such an excellent choice.